What is the "beauty" in design

Beauty is desginers' life attitude. It is about what things should be other than what are they now. Rethink the definition of beauty is to rethink what life style we provoke in our designs.

Poetic design sparks day dreaming. An anecdote to boring life. It frees your thoughts from a daily routine. Let you imagine and connect with delightful memories.

Designs that have a sense of humor first make you laugh and then makes you think. They cultivate a relax relationship to live with our problem rather than solving problems for you. Or you can say, humorous designs solve the problem of perceptions or attitudes. Problems is endless, what is important is how we percieve them. If you percieve it as "failure" "disaster", then it might be. But if you just laugh when you fall on ground, you will stand up and move on.

Solitude is a normal state of life. And connections are rare. That's why they are precious. And this doesn't mean solitude has no value. In a culture where social connections are over valued, solitude is degraded. We are degrading our normal life state, and creating "solitude guilt". We are escaping solitude. And that is not going to work. How many times people still feeling unconnected even though they are around with friends. Solitude is not a problem to solve, but a friend you need to learn how to live with. Celebrate solitude is not about making your life not solitude, but is about creating a friendly relationship with it. Why not celebrate solitude? 

xiaowen shao